Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bikini so teeny with stroke of brilliance!

This manicure is one of my favorite I just love looking at my nails with stroke of brilliance on them what can I say I love to sparkle! Bikini so teeny is a light cream blue from the new Essie summer line and stroke of brilliance is from the lux effect Essie collection. Both beautiful colors. Glitter has always been a pain for me to apply and for me to remove but I really do love the way it looks on my nails. So alittle bit of extra scrubbing with the acetone is just a small price to pay for amazing sparkly nails. How do you feel about glitter have you jumped on that band wagon like I have or is it just too much work for you? I applied 3 coats of bikini so teeny I don't like to see any streaks or sheerness so it usually takes 3 to four coats of polish for me to get it opaque! Stroke of brilliance I'm not really sure how many coats I did I kept going until my entire nail was. Completely covered in Blue glitter so I'd say quite a few coats!!
I also went out today and got some new colors so I thought I'd share those too. I have never bought any Sally hanson or maybelline and I needed a brown and a gray for a new manicure I'm going to b trying so I picked up two grays one from Sally Hanson and one from maybelline. Then I found one I've had on my wish list for a while which is rock star pink by Sally Hanson I also got slick slate and last from Sally Hanson I couldn't resist this name so I just had to have it bubble gum pink!!! Next I needed a brown so I got little brown dress. Then i got one from the new color show collection by maybelline called audacious asphalt!! Has anyone tried that line what do you think?? I Dono if I'm really late but I just found out about the new fergie line by wet and wild and one of the colors was rainbow star confetti in a clear base and I knew the 2nd I saw it I just had to have it!!! I also got mermaid curves new years kiss and rock n roll!! I love all my new colors and I can't wait to try them out!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ogre the top blue with absolutely Alice

Two colors from two amazing collections. Ogre the top blue from the shrek collection, and absolutely Alice from the Alice in wonderland collection. Both opi. Ogre the top blue is a beautiful cream opaque in 2 coats blue. Absolutely alice is a very think blue glitter with micro gold glitter. I applied ogre the top to all my nails and planned on applying Alice to the top half of all the nails but the glitter was so thick and difficult I just applied it to the thumbs it was supposed to look like a gradient effect but Because of the thickness and having to keep going over it because it kept clumping it does not have that effect. Glitter s always more difficult to apply then a normal cream or jelly finish nail polish but this color just had absolutely no give. These are both colors I've had for over two years I've been trying to use old favorites I have so many I tend to neglect colors I've had for a long time. So what color should I do next?

Sunday, July 15, 2012



Orly has become a serious love of mine recently. Orly is a brand that has every color you could possibly ever want from every color spectrum. I have never seen a brand with such a huge verity of color until i discovered orly. My most recent orly purchase is girly, a shiny glittery scheer chrome baby pink. When i saw this color sitting on the shelf it just called my name, its a color i'm usually drawn to when picking out nail polish. Pink its the most dominate color in my collection. So on to the color besides the glitter getting all over my skin it was fairly easy to apply. Three coats and it was mostly opaque my nail does show a little. This is the type of color that would be better used over another color. This would be a nice spring easter color. Orly retails at my ulta for $8. This color definitely lives up to it's name.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nothing Else Metals

This is a color from the new mirror Metallics collection by Essie. The entire collection are chrome finish. The collection is described as aluminum pearls that reflect molten hot color from every angle. It is one premium metal that flaunts high fashion style. You wouldn't know it by looking at the color on my hand but it is a chrome purple I took multiple pictures and could not get the purple to show, But it is a metallic purple. Chromes have always been extremely hard for me to use i don't know what it is something in the formula I guess but they have never looked good on my fingers. So why buy one you might ask well because any nail polish junkie knows you can never pass up a new collection even when you have no desire to ever wear any of the colors. I just had to get at least one. It was between three when I was standing in Ulta comparing them and looking back I think penny talk would have been a better choice which is a rose gold. Essie has been coming out with a lot of collections lately and some I've really really loved but this one not my favorite. There is five colors in the collection total. If you love chrome and metallic colors this collection is for you, but unfortunately not for me.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mint magic

This is my first nail polish from the pop collection. It was $10. Not the most I've ever spent on a nail polish but for being a brand I had never heard of until recently it was kind of difficult to allow myself to spend $10 on this polish. But let me just say it does not disappoint it is a beautiful mint green. Extremely opaque. This was about 3 coats which is the usual for me. When I was at ulta looking at the collection they did have some very pretty colors but it is a very small collection. I enjoy this color very much I have been enjoying all mints and bright colors this summer so this was a perfect addition to my collection. I highly recommend this color and checking out the collection if you haven't yet. Wearing this color makes me do happy to look at my nails and brightens my day to see it on my hands. Enjoy.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The end of one thing is beginning of something wonderful

over the last year my passion and some might call obsession has grown and developed so much. I've gone back and forth in my head should i shouldn't i create something to express and share my love for nail polish and finally after a long debate with myself i decide why not. Even if no one bothers to check this out it makes me feel good and gives me a creative output for my "obsession". My goal on this blog is to post nail of the nail nail of the week posts. i try and do my nails as much as possible. Currently i own 231 polishes yes i counted, categorized by color in my room and by brand in my phone. My passion for nail polish is huge a have many different verities of colors. I'm more likely to buy nail polish then clothes when given the option. Nail polish makes me happy it inspires me it challenges me, and it has become something i have fallen in love with. I hope anyone who decides to click Polish my heart has the same passion as me or at least finds something that challenges them or inspires them to start the own blog whether its about nail polish or whatever puts a smile on there face. be yourself because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.  Enjoy!
<3 Carissa